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Alaskan Pollock Fillets

  • Alaskan Pollock is part of the cod family and is the largest food fish resource in the world with more than 3 million tonnes caught each year in pristine waters from Alaska to Northern Japan.
  • Alaskan Pollock is similar to cod in both texture and colour and has a mild flavour. It should not be confused with Atlantic Pollock, a different species, which is darker, oilier, and has a stronger “fishier” taste.
  • Alaskan Pollock fillets deliver a bone-free white fish with a consistent snow white colour and excellent flaking qualities.

Barramundi Burger

  • The Barramundi Burger is hand cut fillet, coated in a tempura batter and weighing 90 grams. Perfect for a standard hamburger bun or cut lengthways for a baguette. Just add lettuce, sliced tomato and tartare or aioli sauce.
  • Ocean caught.
  • Cook from frozen.
  • Portion control for convenience.

Battered Butterfly Prawns

Our quality guarantee

A&T Trading is a trusted seafood product supplier that customers look to with complete confidence. Our battered butterfly prawns are of fish shop quality, ensuring that each bite tastes truly amazing. Expect prawns that are hand dipped in batter and individually quick frozen in portion controlled sizes. This product is perfect for fish and chip shops, restaurants, pubs, clubs, cafes and caterers. Everything that we offer is made to the highest standards using fresh ingredients and produce.

About A&T Trading

We’re a family owned and operated company that has built a reputation as being one of the best in the business. Founded as a fish and prawn trader in 1984, A&T Trading provides a line of innovative food options that extend to seafood, vegetarian, dry goods and more. We proudly work with a number of world-class manufacturing plants to supply exceptional products to the foodservice industry. Enjoy fast cooking times and the peace of mind that comes from using easy-to-handle products when you choose A&T Trading.

Shop for battered butterfly prawns today

Get in touch with A&T Trading to purchase high-quality battered butterfly prawns for your business. Call today on (02) 8753 4800 and we’ll happily provide further information. Alternatively, fill out a contact form and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible. Looking for barramundi burgers? We can help with those too. Our ready-to-cook battered butterfly prawns taste delicious and are easy to prepare. A&T Trading supplies a wide range of value-added seafood products that are made with convenience, consistency and flavour in mind. We understand the challenges that clients within the food services industry face, and that’s why we work hard to ensure that everyone has access to the best products for their needs.
  • Fish Shop quality hand dipped battered butterflied prawns.
  • Individually quick frozen & portion controlled for convenience.
  • Well suited product for Fish Shops, Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, Cafes, Caterers & Function Centres.

Beer Battered Barramundi

  • Ocean caught salt water Barramundi fillet coated with A&T’s premium beer batter.
  • “Australia’s favourite fish”. Our product is sure to be a top selling item on your menu.
  • Cook from frozen
  • Portion control for convenience

Beer Battered Garfish

  • Ocean Caught butterflied Garfish fillets coated with a light beer batter.
  • Delicious sweet tasting natural fish with a point of difference.
  • Quick cooking time of 2.5 minutes from frozen, allowing high volume outlets to serve a premium product.
  • Portion control for convenience.

Beer Battered Ocean Perch

  • Premium “hand battered“ skinless, boneless Ocean Perch Fillets.
  • Succulent & delicious ocean caught fish coated in A&T’s signature beer batter.
  • A&T Beer Battered Ocean Perch is sure to be a popular addition to your menu.
  • Ideal for Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, Café’s & caterers.

Beer Battered Onion Rings

We sell ready-to-cook beer battered onion rings that are made with convenience and taste in mind. A&T Trading is a supplier of frozen value-added seafood and vegetable products that are easy to prepare and require minimal handling. Our team appreciates the challenges that clients within the food services industry face, and that’s why everything that we offer is made with efficiency in mind. Reduce spending, less preparation, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from going with the best. Contact A&T Trading to find out more about our beer battered onion rings.

A delicious selection of value-added products

Our beer battered onion rings are guaranteed to impress. Hand cut and coated in a crisp and tasty beer batter, this product is the perfect accompaniment for steaks, burgers and ribs, and can also be served as an appetiser or bar snack alongside your favourite dipping sauce. Expect quick cooking times (from freezer to fryer to plate in 2 minutes max) and know that you’ll never have to worry about consistency as we always use quality produce. Whether you’re a small restaurant or a large catering company serving hundreds of guests, know that A&T Trading has all your bases covered.

Intuitive food options

A&T Trading is a trusted name within the industry because we provide exceptional products every time. We proudly work with a number of world-class manufacturing plants and follow strict cooking processes to ensure you always get the best. Look to us for a wide selection that includes beer battered onion rings, vegetarian dim sims, springs rolls, samosas and more.

Find out more about our beer battered onion rings

Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about our beer battered onion rings. As a family owned business, we offer a standout level of customer service and will happily answer any questions that you may have. Call today on (02) 8753 4800 or complete a contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Hand cut natural onion rings coated in a crisp and tasty beer batter.
  • An ideal accompaniment for steaks, burgers & ribs.
  • Quick cook time; from freezer to fryer to plate in 2 mins max.
  • An ideal appetiser or bar snack served with your favourite dipping sauce.

Beer Battered Torpedo Flathead

  • The flathead is ocean caught and tail filleted into a torpedo shape that is coated with A&T’s premium beer batter.
  • A great tasting fish that is perfectly sized to be plated as an entrée, main or kid’s meal.
  • Cook from frozen.
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