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Lime Chipotle Seafood Quesadillas 168G

A premium selection of Prawn, Cod & Squid seasoned in a zesty & smokey sauce with Mozzarella Cheese mixed throughout & then placed within a folded corn tortilla.
The Quesadillas offer four types of cooking methods for convenience – pan fry, sandwich press, oven bake & microwave. Ideal centre of plate product for Cafés, Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs & Caterers.

Cooking Instructions:

Before cooking via any method below, defrost in microwave on high for 1–1½ mins. Sandwich Press/Silex: lightly coat with spray oil or butter and place in preheated Sandwich Press. Cook for 3½-4 mins. Pan Fry: Preheat heavy based fry pan to a low to medium heat. Melt a moderate amount of butter & oil in the fry pan, cook for 3½-4 mins on each side. Oven Bake: Preheat oven to 200°C. Lightly brush each side of Quesadillas with melted butter & oil, place on baking tray and cook for 5–6 mins on each side.

Pack Details:

168gm - 2 x 2kg Code: LCSQ01

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Lime Chipotle Seafood Quesadillas 168G

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