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Crumbed Vegetable Sushi-Maki Rolls

A premium selection of pickled carrot, red capsicum, avocado, asparagus, nori, Japanese sushi rice, hand rolled & coated in a gourmet “J” crumb.

Cooking Instructions:

1.Deep fry from frozen at 180c for 5 minutes (do not overcook). The result you are aiming for is to cook the crumb and thaw the centre of the Sushi-Maki Roll - A cool to slightly warm temperature in the centre of the roll is perfect for serving. 2.Rest for 5 minutes. 3.Slice & serve.

Pack Details:

3 x 1.5kg (10 rolls per 1.5kg) Code: CSM03

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Crumbed Vegetable Sushi-Maki Rolls

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