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Premium Seafood Basket

A mix of premium crumbed and tempura seafood products that would satisfy any chef looking for a premium seafood basket to present to customers.
Each pack comprises - 1 piece of Tempura Fish Fillet 65 gram (skinless/boneless), 2 pieces of Crumbed Fish Fillet 67.5 gram (total 135 gram) (skinless/boneless), 4-6 natural Crumbed Squid Rings (total 80gram), 3 Tempura Torpedo® Prawns 70 gram, 3 Crumbed Imitation Scallops 50 gram

Cooking Instructions:

Cooking Instructions to obtain best result & presentation : 1st preheat oil to 180c and place the 3 pieces of fish in deep fryer. 2nd after 2.20 minutes include the 3 tempura torpedo prawns. 3rd after 3.10 minutes include the 5 squid rings & 3 imitation scallops. Remove from deep fryer after 5.20 minutes

Pack Details:

20 x 400gm

Product code: CRUM10

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Premium Seafood Basket

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