About Us

A&T Trading Co, a 100% Australian owned and operated company, was established in 1984 whose principal operation then was that of a fish and prawn trader. However, even from those early beginnings it was very apparent to our then and still current owner that the foodservice market was demanding good quality seafood and value added seafood products that met its developing needs.

It was at this point that the strategy of partnering and utilizing a select few world class manufacturing plants, originally in Thailand and now including China, to develop and produce a range of value added seafood products from the best quality seafood available was born. As a result, today sees A&T Trading with one of the most diverse and extensive ranges of value added seafood products under the one brand in the Australian market. However the heritage of the company has not been lost with a select range of high quality and well graded “trading products” still available within the A&T range.

In addition to this A&T Trading has launched a range of select drygood products like its iconic Sweet Chilli Sauce and other frozen food products such as its Asian spring roll and samosa range.

A&T, and its other brands of Palm Seas and Noy's Kitchen are now available across Australia with its reputation of delivering exceptional and consistent quality at excellent value for money to all ambits of the foodservice market growing by the day.